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My name's Betsy S. I live in Modesto CA, in the middle of a pandemic. I purchased a house that was built in 1892 and will be about a year long construction project to get it fully livable and back in it's tip-top shape. - [Instructor] This is relocated where we tour the living situations of people who choose to live off the beaten path. (guitar upbeat music) - I came to Wheeling about 18 months ago for a position with the Wheeling National Heritage Area.

I moved here from Central Virginia outside of Charlottesville. I did a nationwide search for the sort of small city or town where I felt like I could live my day to day life a little differently and a little more locally. It wasn't a hard decision at all. As soon as I was here and met people, saw the landscape, saw the built environment. It was a pretty easy decision to make the move. At first, I started in a downtown loft one that used to be a grocery warehouse and was later adaptively reused into 73 Loft Apartments.

And that's where I am staying while I complete the rehabilitation of my house. My vision for the house is to have a house where the architectural features speak for themselves. The woodwork, the fireplaces, all the beautiful details of the house, but a lot of like furnishings and decor will be quite modern. I love this. I love the way the handrail feels and the patinas people running their hand over this and this over the last hundred and some years. (upbeat music) This will be the master bedroom. I've got one in the windows right now because these windows systems are being totally rebuilt. These two windows will have that original curved glass. This'll just be one big one, master bed here I think I can get a king size bed in here, which is the stuff of dreams. I think this will actually be more like a sitting room I'll probably have my TV in here, I'll work, I'll relax in here and then that'll allow me to keep that living in a little more formal and clean quite frankly, not too much actually needs to be done in here.

Tile the shower, finish the drywall, paint it, wallpaper it. plumbers in turlock does a great job It will be done. Everyone always asks if I found any hidden surprises or they asked me how has this turned into a money pit? Or something like that. No, it could, but this is my job. And so I did an excruciating amount of due diligence before I purchased the property to make sure that my financing structure was as comprehensive as it possibly could be to ensure that those things don't happen. And then there's the third floor. This started as a room that was completely full of junk really couldn't see what you're working with and nobody really cared about it. And it's quickly become one of everyone's favorite rooms. There are a couple big ticket items, masonry, roof and gutter repairs and windows are all pretty expensive. For more information:

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